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Data Warehousing

NERC provides data warehousing services for districts in the form of data collection, warehousing, and dissemination. EPI has developed its own longitudinal data management system—the EPI Data Analysis System, or EPI-DAS—for use with large-scale evaluation projects. This customized database server and associated computer information system facilitates data collection from web-based users and batch data loads (both new and migrated data). EPI-DAS enables individual student unit record data to be loaded directly into the system using a web-based user interface or uploaded using Excel/.CSV spreadsheets. EPI-DAS is a versatile system that facilitates data collection, descriptive analysis, and reporting. Its utility lies in its capacity to track individual student data over time, thus allowing for both cross-sectional and longitudinal data analyses.


Contact us today and let us help you meet your research needs. For more information about NERC, please contact EPI at or 703-875-0701.