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Over the past 10 years, educational policy has become increasingly informed by data-driven decision making.  Regardless of whether one is talking about improving school choice options, increasing student achievement, providing quality professional development, or enhancing curricular rigor – the standard by which improvement has come to be measured is high quality research. Unfortunately, many school districts do not possess the staff to conduct the type and level of research necessary to meet the requirements of state and federal legislation.

The Educational Policy Institute developed the National Education Research Collaborative (NERC) to aid school and district leaders in performing the type of research required in this new age of accountability. The NERC serves as a cooperative effort which allows sharing of high-level resources so that all school districts have access to this level of expertise at an affordable cost. In typical situations, NERC can provide 48-hour turn-arounds on quickly-needed projects and also provide long-term research support as necessary. The aim of NERC is to  serve as a resource to districts that is only a “click away.”

NERC provides the following services and support for districts and schools:

    NERC staff are data and evaluation professionals at the Ph.D. and Masters levels of education who are well versed in K-12 topics and research methodologies. NERC provides districts with the opportunity of a long-term partnership with the Educational Policy Institute (EPI), an international, non-profit organization committed to providing high-level research, analysis and professional development to support policymakers, organizations, institutions, and other stakeholders in the educational and public policy arena.

    Contact us today and let us help you meet your research needs. For more information about NERC, please contact EPI at or 202-657-5207.