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New Journal Article on Student Retention

EPI's Swail writes about the challenges of student retention in this era of higher education

WASHINGTON, DC — July 14, 2014 — The June 2014 journal of Higher Learning Research Communications Journal includes a special invited article written by Educational Policy Institute president Dr. Watson Scott Swail. The article, A Different Viewpoint on Student Retention, discusses the barriers in today’s environment from student persistence and graduation and the focus areas for institutions in combating these issues.

However, from a policy point of view, our society must decide who will pay for continued broad access to higher education and how we achieve our collective goals. As Dr. Swail concludes:

"The costs associated with sending more students to college is not trivial for our society… for the institution, it is critical to understand student success and what to do about it. It isn’t about saving all students, but it is about changing the culture of an institution to do what can be done to all students that are admitted. If they come, they should be served with the highest regard for the highest reward." (p. 24)

The Higher Learning Research Communications Journal is an international, open access online journal to advance universal knowledge on teaching and learning in higher education. To read the entire journal or this article, click on the following links:


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