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Effective Practices in Student Success (EPSS)

The Effective Practices in Student Success (EPSS) database, a new initiative of the Educational Policy Institute, will collect over the next several years peer-reviewed information about programs and strategies that help students succeed and persist to degree at postsecondary institutions across the US, Canada, and beyond. The EPSS is part of a larger effort by the Educational Policy Institute to provide useful information to practitioners that, in turn, will improve practices on campuses.


The EPSS will differ from other databases in that it will (a) look for programs that have exhibited—and documented—success in retaining students toward graduation, (b) have a peer review team rate the programs, and (c) allow anyone who reviews the program online to provide their own rating as to the utility of the information. Serving as an online repository for effective practices, the EPSS will become a vital resource for campus professionals seeking to improve student retention and success.


The EPSS database will be launched online in March 2007. For more information on EPSS, please call EPI at 757.271.6380.


The initial development of the EPSS is supported by a contract by TG, also known as the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. TG is a public, non-profit company that serves students across the United States as one of the nation’s largest student loan guarantors.


Institutions are strongly encouraged to submit program information for consideration for inclusion in the EPSS. Program information is accepted online; please click here for the online application. All online submissions will be reviewed by an expert team identified by EPI for accuracy, rigor, and impact.