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Apples-to-Apples: Towards a Pan-Canadian Common University Data Set

TORONTO, ON - November 6, 2006 -- The Educational Policy Institute today released a new report entitled Apples-to-Apples: Towards a Pan-Canadian Common University Data Set. It outlines the major sources of comparable datam which are currently available regarding Canadian universities and itemizes their strengths and weaknesses. It also examines the case for creating a common, national data set for universities that would benefit institutions and external stakeholders (especially parents and students), and points out some possible elements of a common data set.

The document is available at: (download the pdf)


EPI Canada is planning on holding a number of regional forums across the country on the topic of a common data set over the coming months, using this paper as a discussion document. At the moment, tentative plans exist for meetings in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal sometime in the winter term. EPI will keep its subscribers updated on these plans as they evolve.