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EPI Receives College Access Research Grant from TG

WASHINGTON, DC —June 24, 2010 — The Educational Policy Institute, a Washington, DC-based non-profit research corporation dedicated to the study of educational opportunity, has been awarded funding from TG to conduct a national research project on pre-college educational opportunity programs.

TG, a public, nonprofit corporation that promotes educational access and success, awarded more than $5.6 million in grant funding this year through its Public Benefit Grant Program.

The Educational Policy Institute has been awarded $118,000 to conduct a mixed-methods research study to explore the evolving and critical role college access organizations play in college completion, and the ways in which they are partnering with higher education institutions to keep students in college.

A primary component of this study is a national survey of pre-college outreach programs, based largely upon the 2000 study conducted by EPI President Dr. Watson Scott Swail during his tenure at The College Board. "In 2000, we surveyed over 1,100 pre-college programs around the nation, and it provided a wealth of information about the landscape of pre-college outreach efforts in the United States," says Swail. "This year, in partnership with the National College Access Network, we expect to survey a much broader constituency across the US and Canada and gain even more clarity on the types of programs, the strategies used to increase college access and success, and the evidence of success of these efforts." The results from the survey will also help populate the Effective Practices in Student Success (EPSS) database, created by EPI with TG funding in 2007.

A second part of the study will afford EPI the opportunity to conduct a focused study on eight pre-college programs that are deemed to be exemplary in supporting low-income students in the quest for college. A focus of the review will be to determine their success in realizing student persistence and college completion.

The grant will build on President Obama's vision of creating an America that will "again lead the world in the proportion of college graduates." Through this and other efforts, it is hoped that more can be learned about the barriers against and levers supporting postsecondary access.

"This grant award reflects TG commitment to building knowledge of how organizations can further opportunities to a higher education, particularly for low-income or underrepresented students," said Sue McMillin, TG President and CEO. "We believe these efforts can help shape a positive future for our nation, communities, families, and students.

The study will begin in July 2010 and conclude in fall 2011.

For more information, contact EPI at (703) 875-0701 or