EPI's weekly illustration of education data trends — November 20, 2014

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Forecast for Tuition and Fee Charges

Tuition and fee charges increase every year. This is a fact of economic nature and not unexpected by those of us in the analysis business or by consumers of higher education. The following exhibit uses recent data from The College Board to project potential tuition and fee charges in the future.

The analysis uses a multiplier equal to the average tuition and fee charges from the past 25 years. Tuition and fee charges at four-year public institutions will double, in real dollars, within 17 years to $18,586. Two-year public institutions will double to $6,660 in 23 years, or by 2037-38, and four-year private institutions will increase at the slowest rate, doubling in 27 years to $62,039. These numbers do not include room, board, and other ancillary costs related to attending college.

For a larger discussion, please see the Swail Letter from November 19, 2014: The Nature of the Beast: College Tuition and Fee Charges for 2014-15.