EPI's weekly illustration of education data trends — July 22, 2015

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Attainment of College and Career Readiness (2014)


New data from ACT illustrates the disparities in college and career readiness for low-income students compared to all students in 2014. The gap between low-income and all students ranges between 15 and 20 percentage points in all academic categories. Concern should also be raised for the relatively poor percentages of all students that are deemed college ready by ACT. While only 2/3 of all students are college ready in English, only 44 and 43 percent of all students are similarly ready in reading and mathematics, respectively, begging the question: why are we sending these people to four-year universities?


SOURCE: The Condition of College & Career Awareness 2014: Students from Low-Income Families. ACT and NCCEP.