EPI's weekly illustration of education data trends — September 4, 2015

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2015 SAT Scores by Race/Ethnicity


The College Board released their 2015 SAT data results on September 3, 2015. This year's data show that all groups, with the exception of Asian students, all other groups saw their scores drop, a continuing trend for the past five years. The infographic below illustrates the variation of combined SAT scores (writing, mathematics, and critical reading) by race/ethnic grouping. As has historically been the case, Asians have the highest combined score (1654), followed by White students (1576). The largest gap in combined score is between Black students (1277), with a 299 point differential with White students. Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and Other Hispanics similarly have an approximate gaps of 240 points with White students.

SOURCE: SAT Scores Drop. InsideHigherEd.com.