Planning is everything. An institution of higher education that wishes to drive more students to graduation only does so with well-crafted and well-informed plans.

These plans come as the result of data-driven discussion about what the institution is and what it wants to become. At the center of this discussion must always be the student. While most colleges and universities see this as the case, they don’t always centralize their focus on students during the strategic planning process. WIthout this, other priorities take over and the plan ends up secondary to the ultimate goal of improving student success.

Important to note is that any strategic planning process must be inclusive of all stakeholders. Leadership must reach down to staff, faculty, and students, and those stakeholders must fairly understand the complex issues of management. Creating this awareness is a key part of the planning process and is not to be taken lightly.

The Educational Policy Institute can help your department and institution work through the difficult work of improving student success on campus through the development of policies and practices that can meet your goals and objectives. We will run a SWOT analysis, focus groups, and interviews with key stakeholders to help you determine a better path forwards.

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