What is your Retention IQ? Do you have the requisite knowledge to improve student success at your institution? Have you identified the levers that create the most impactful change? The Educational Policy Institute can take a deep data dive at your institution to identify the critical areas of need and provide you with empirically-driven solutions that will increase retention, persistence, and graduation rates for all students.

Here are there ways that we can engage with your faculty and staff:

  1. EPI Retention Audit. EPI has developed tools and processes to analyze your readiness for student success, complete with an institutional audit of policies and practices plus analytics to measure the levers that influence whether students succeed or dropout of your institution.
  2. EPI Predictive Analytics. The key to understanding student success at your institution resides in historical data. Trends in enrollment, academic achievement, and degree completion ultimately tell the story of how students progress and depart from your institution. EPI will populate your data into our data system to detail the levers that make or break success for your students. Our system will identify which students are at risk and which are ready for college success. EPI will pinpoint the areas of greatest need for students and the institution. The best part is that the the analytics improve over time, increasing their accuracy of storytelling and leading you to more confidence decision-making about policies and practices that impact student success.
  3. EPI Professional Development. EPI has conducted over 40 workshops over the past several years to over 2,000 college administrators, faculty, and staff on student retention and planning. You and your staff can become EPI certified and learn more about the root causes of student departure and what you can do to improve success for all students, especially those who are first generation, Pell Eligible, and historically underrepresented in higher education. In addition, EPI provides keynote speeches and strategic planning support to help you and your team get up to speed. 

EPI can help you get on track quickly and at pace to help your students now and in the future. Our flexible solutions allow you to work at your own pace and include your team or institution. To learn more, email us at [email protected] and we’ll set up a 30-minute introduction at your convenience.